Basic Cleaning

Basic House Cleaning Service

Basic House Cleaning Services

Dream Clean is dedicated to the cleanliness and health of our customers.  We know how important it is to make great impressions with your own clients and customers when they visit your facility.  Our cleaning staff at Dream Clean take great pride and ownership in their work – making sure that you get the best clean each and every time.  

Let us take care of the cleaning for your house and home by giving us a a call or booking online today!

Quality Cleaning

Our staff is the best in the business.  Each clean is unique and we have our systems and processes in place to make sure that nothing is missed and that you get the same great service each and every time.

Experienced Staff

Our staff goes through an extensive training program when they are hired.  We never use contractors so you know you are getting the best cleaning services for your office and business.

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Basic Home Cleaning Service

Each basic house cleaning service includes common work areas and bathrooms.  We bring our own cleaning supplies and do not subcontract any of our work.  Each job is inspected by the managers so you know that you are getting the best possible clean - each and every time we visit your office area.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions for office cleanings.  If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to give our office a call at 208-562-9012

You can always check our comprehensive list of what’s included with every type of cleaning that we offer here:
There are some items that can be added, for an additional cost, to your basic clean at any time:
Inside Oven
Inside Fridge
Inside Window Panes
We don’t offer hourly rate cleaning with any of our services.  It’s a flat rate that’s based on the condition of the home. You will be asked to rate the condition of your home and then the manager that’s at your job will do so as well, and finally the office. Should there be a change in price the office will call and let you know after the cleaning is done. 

Due to the nature of our business we’ve implemented arrival times so it will depend on what time slot your cleaning is booked. If you book over the phone we let you know when your arrival window is for your day of cleaning and you’ll also get an email confirmation of this too. 

We offer our customers specific cleaning times first thing in the morning so if you would like a specific time slot we recommend choosing the first cleaning of the day.  As we clean homes and businesses throughout the day, there are things that tend to delay our arrival to our next clean – such as traffic or a customer needing additional help. 

We do offer a window of time for our customers who have cleanings scheduled during the midday.  

Dream Clean is proud to be one of the major cleaning companies in the area that offers one time cleanings. You don’t have to set up long term services before you can get your house cleaned with us! We do offer discounts on recurring cleaning services should you be interested.  

Dream Clean is proud to offer our employees competitive pay and benefits. We also don’t send subcontractors into your home as all of our employees are W2.
The best part of going through Dream Clean is that you’ll have access to a state of the art online portal that’ll allow you to change/setup everything that you need: reschedule bookings, upgrade cleaning packages, adding tips, etc. 
We understand how frustrating it can be when dealing with an online company and that’s why we make our contact information easily accessible and more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have through phone call, text and email. You can always give us a call.