Home Ratings Guide

Dream Clean's Pricing Breakdown

With there being so many cleaning companies in the valley that all have different pricing structures we wanted to explain how our service works. Transparency is important to us and so we want to make sure that all of our new customers understand what they’re getting when they book with us. 

Flat Rate + Condition

We’re primarily a flat rate company. This means that all of the items listed below all have a set price based off the information provided. Here’s what it looks like on the website:

Our algorithm has been perfected over the last five years and when given the correct information it’s about 97% accurate. Which is very impressive considering that we are not coming out to look at your home. Companies that use the in person bid method can get a good idea on the condition, by looking at it, but the issue becomes you cannot know how long something will truly take to clean until you are doing the work. 

Condition Factor:

Which is a perfect segue to the most important piece, the overall condition of your home. When you book with us, either online or over the phone, you’ll be asked to rate your home or office. We have a sliding scale from: 1 (extremely dirty), 5 (average) and 10 (spotless) which helps us to get an idea on the amount of work that’ll need to be done, the amount of people that we’ll need to send and to ultimately get the bid as close as possible. Nobody likes getting a surprise that costs them more, which is why we have all of this information on our website, as seen here:

The problem becomes trying to define something that is completely subjective. There is no standardized idea of clean, but we can get pretty close or have a good idea of what that looks like. 

Anything lower than a 5 drastically increases the amount of work that goes into the cleaning, which is why the condition is part of our cost structure. So in an effort to make this process easier for some, or to, at least understand why we do it here are some photos.

*These images may induce a triggering effect for our OCD friends. You have been warned :)*

The main areas that take the most time are bathrooms and kitchens, and so you’ll see a lot of photos from those places. However, other areas if they are bad can collectively pull down the overall average of the home. It really is, an art over a science but when in doubt maybe rate your home or office lower rather than higher :).

For now we’ll start in the bathrooms. This was a recent photo from one of our own team member’s guest bathrooms. They’re a family of 5 and so the tub/shower is a high traffic area. 

You’ll notice some hard water on all the metal areas, but nothing crazy. So, the chances are this is something that’s somewhat maintained. This is something that would be like a 5 or a 6. 

Here is what the rest of the tub looks like. The walls and shelving areas are really clean. We’re not seeing a lot of soap scum or hard water and so we’d still say it’s about a 5 or a 6 for the rating. 


Now, here is a picture of a bathtub and shower that we recently cleaned for a client:

It’s easy to see the extra hard water buildup on all of the metal areas. You can also see the orange-ish discoloration around the metal. This will take substantially longer to clean and with more product required. 

*Master Shower

* guest shower


We’ve seen it all and so don’t worry about the rating,  because we’re more than happy to get it back in tip-top shape. However it really throws off the quote, if underrated, because it will understandably take way more time to clean than the tub in the first photo. 

Which is why the rating is so important and why we charge more for the work that is done in order to get it clean. These would be rated as a 1 or 2 due to all of the buildup on the tubs. 

Now, this is what it looked like after we were done:

It looks amazing, right?! We try very hard to make things appear to be good as new, but sometimes an item will not come any cleaner, especially after years of neglect. 

Here is an example of a tub that would probably be rated as a 4:

Outside of the big hard water stain the rest of the tub was not that dusty nor did it have that grime along the sides.

Here is a countertop (before we cleaned it) in a master bathroom that we recently cleaned:

This would be rated as a 5, because there’s a little hard water on the base of the faucet and around the ring in the sink. 

We understand life gets busy and nothing can be near perfect which is why we have the rating system that we do. Which really is for our customer’s benefit because it allows us to get the bid as close as possible. 

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen. Here are some photos from that same team member’s house. This is what their stovetop and microwave look like:

If you don’t consider the scuff marks on the stovetop we’d look at this as a 5 or 6 rating, as it’s pretty clean. Hopefully, with some Bar Keepers Friend, a scrubber and some elbow grease some of those marks will come off. 

Looking inside their microwave this is what you would expect with an average rating. We can see there are a few food stains that need to be cleaned-up,  but it doesn’t look like a food bomb went off :).

It would need to be a bit worse to transition into a 4 rating. We’d expect to see more food on the walls, door and on the rotating plate. 

This is an example of something that we’d rate as a 1. As you can tell this is going to take a lot more time and product for this to come clean. 

Here are some photos of some stoves that we recently cleaned:

It’s hard to really see all the detail in this photo, but this is an example of something that we’d rate as a 4. We would normally expect to see food and stains on the stovetop here and there on a 5 rating, but this just has more work that’s required. You can look back to the photo of our team member’s stovetop to compare. 


This is an example of something that we’d rate as a 2 or a 1:

It can be hard to pinpoint the exact rating. What I can tell you is that we’ve seen worse than this and is why it could be a 2. This will take considerably more work than that of the stovetop that we rated as a 5. 

Now just because these items are rated lower that doesn’t mean that your overall house will be rated that way. It just means that these areas, which take the longest anyway, will take longer than they should and that could make the bid off. 

If you took anything away from this, even if it’s not how to rate the condition, please understand the rating system is not there to pad a bill. We understand that we’re already not the cheapest cleaning service in the valley and we really dislike having to call someone to tell them the cleaning is going to cost more. It’s not an easy or fun conversation. Which is why we are putting this information together in the hopes that it can help people understand the amount of work that goes into cleanings with lower ratings, and to help us get the bid as close as possible upfront.