Book With Our Cleaning Portal

How To Create An Account

We’d recommend setting up your client portal after booking your first job, because it’ll allow you to do everything! From there you can: reschedule, add extras, tips, upgrade packages, etc. 

If you’re a brand new customer with us, meaning you’ve never set up services, you’ll get a confirmation email once you book your first cleaning.


At the very bottom of this email you’ll find a section that looks like this:


Once you click that button you’ll be taken to the Sign Up form on the Dream Clean Site, it’ll look like this

You’ll want to enter your information in the three fields. Afterwards, you should get an email asking you to confirm that email address:

Once you click the Confirm Account button you’ll be redirected to our site and prompted to create a password of your choice. In the text box it says that the password should be at least 6 characters:
After you get your password chosen and hit the Create Account button you’ll be taken into your account, and should see a screen that shows the details of your first booking:

Lastly, don’t be alarmed if you get an email that looks like this after you’ve picked your custom password:

The email subject line will say something like Dream Clean: Your Password has been changed. This is just letting you know that you’ve picked your own password, and is not spam or a scam. 
You will now have a person icon in the top right of your screen that has a drop down menu of things you can do:

You’ll also notice a header bar with other options and things to look at. as well: