Cleaning Products We Use and What For

Cleaning products are central to our daily lives. Everyone needs these products to keep their work space, homes, buildings, offices, shop floors, vehicles, tools, equipment, equipment, etc. clean. The cleaning products we use are what keep our houses clean. They are also what help us keep them safe. This blog will look at the different cleaning products we use and what they are used for.

Cleaning Products List:

Bar Keepers

Bar Keepers Friend is a cleaner that is ideal for kitchen cleaning, breaking down stains and greasy, and cleaning glass. It is used to tackle burned on stains, messes, and grime that is built up on surfaces. Here at Dream Clean Maid Services, we use bar keepers to help clean stove tops, ovens in kitchens that have hard spot, and we also use it in bathrooms to help get hard water spots in showers and sinks


Comet Bleach Powder is a tough cleaning product that attacks your tough cleaning problems in bathrooms, kitchens, and throughout your house. This is an all-purpose cleaner that cleans and deodorizes stainless steel, glass, and solid surfaces without leaving scratches. Here at Dream clean we use comet to help clean hard stains on surfaces and help clean tuff spots in bathrooms also without having to scrub a lot.

Rubbing Alcohol

Want to get your windows and mirrors spotless and streak-free? Mixing rubbing alcohol with water can be used to help clean windows. At Dream Clean we use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water to clean customers windows, glass shower doors and mirrors in bathrooms.

Stainless Steel

Spray way Stainless Steel cleanser and polish leaves no steaks and resists fingerprint smudges. This cleaner can help remove smudges, mildew, and water spots from appliances and also polish appliances to add a shine. Dream Clean uses stainless steel to polish stainless appliances in kitchen like fridges and sinks to add a shine.

To help ensure that the glass looks amazing we then take our glass cleaner which is called Isopropyl Alcohol:

Mr. Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-purpose Cleaner is a cleaner that works all the house on everything. It cuts through of dirt, grease, and grime and leaves a fresh scent through the place. Mr. Clean helps keep homes clean and kills 99.9% of germs while cleaning dirty surfaces. Dream Clean uses Mr. Clean all around the houses on everything on the house they clean. For example, it is used to clean kitchen counters, appliances, bathrooms, and dusting through out the house.

Murphy Oil

Murphy Oil Soap is designed to clean and finish a wood and non-wood surface. It helps maintains floors and also helps add a shine to your floors. It is safe to use on all finished hardwood floors, ceramic, tile, and vinyl floors. Dream Clean uses Murphy Oil Soap is used to clean floors through out houses they clean.

So, now that you have all the information you need to know about what products are best for what cleaning tasks, you can use these products to clean your home with ease. Whether you are cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, or the floors, these products will help you clean with ease. We hope you have enjoyed the information in our blog today. If you have any questions about what products you should be using, please contact us anytime at 208-562-9012. We are always happy to help.