Housecleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Year-Round

Have you been meaning to tidy up your home, but can’t find the time? Home tidying is one of those things that we often neglect in today’s busy world. We don’t have the time to do it or don’t have the energy to do it. A home is a place of solace. It’s where you go to relax and unwind with loved ones. So, it’s important that you make your home into a home that you can be proud of.

We are always looking for way to keep our home tidy and clean. However, it is not always possible to do all the cleaning and tidying yourself. Therefore, it is important to look for ways to make this easier. This blog will provide you with a few hints, tips, and tricks, that you will find that are more productive in keeping your home in clean and tidy through out the home.

11 Daily Habits to Keep a House Clean & Tidy:

Start by Making the Bed:

Some people think that making the bed is a waste of time, but it does really make a big difference in how tidy the room looks, and it only takes a couple minutes. Plus, it will kick-start your productivity levels and start off the day well. Then it will make it worth it climbing into a made bed at the end of the day.

Start by Making the Bed:

Depending on how many loads you typically do per week, you may not need to do this ever day, but for some people the go through a lot of laundry per week. Getting in the habit of putting in a load of laundry in the evening or morning so you can have time to dry and fold. This can help prevent laundry building up in your bedroom or closet and help for a clean room/closet.


This can take a longer period of time to happen but taking the time to declutter and organize your home can drastically cut down on the amount of time needed to clean. Also, having a spot for everything makes it easier to tidy up and makes cleaning a lot quicker.

Clean as you Cook:

Putting things away as we go doesn’t really take up much time, but it may seem obvious but it’s something we don’t often do. It makes a difference between a tidy home and a messy house at the end of the day. All these little things are just habits that can be created with a little intentional planning.

Keep your bag, keys, and coat all in the same spot:

Make it easy to get out of the door in the morning by having everything you need organized in the same place.

Spray your shower with cleaner after each use:

To prevent buildup of grime and growth of bacteria, spraying your entire shower and tub with a daily shower cleaner after each use.

Wipe tables, counters each day after being used:

Take the time to wipe living room tables or counters after using or even every day the table to prevent dust or stains on the tables or counters. Then it’s one less chore to tackle on the weekend.

Fill and Start the Dishwasher at Night and then Empty Dishwasher in the Mornings:

Don’t leave your dishes until the next morning or night, it might be tempting to just leave them but starting the dishes after dinner and then putting them away in the morning helps not having built up dishes in the sink and also having a clean kitchen for the next day.

Keep a Mail Sorter in the Entryway:

Drop your mail in a dedicated basket or spot when you walk in the door and then you will have all our mail in one spot and not all over the house. Keeping you organized.

Keep Baskets in Every Room:

Once a day, do a quick walk-through of each space. Fill up your basket with accumulated clutter and leave it by the door. Then put each item back in its place first thing when you get home.

Do a 10 Minute Nightly Clean-up:

Make it a routine for everyone is the household to help do a nightly clean up. This makes it easier doing some cleaning for a couple minutes each day then having to dedicate taking a whole day to clean the house. Start with the things that are making the biggest mess or creating a lot of clutter.