Why Dream Clean Is Your Choice For Cleaning Services

With the new year comes a lot of change, and there’s always an influx of new clients. So we thought it might be helpful to create a post to help you navigate selecting the best company for your needs and to answer some of the most common questions that people have. 

Picking The Right Company
It can be overwhelming when you’re in need of a service and then having to evaluate companies to helpfully make the right decision for what you need. 
Some things have made this a bit easier with social media and online reviews but those, like referrals, are subjective experiences. So what should someone do or look for when vetting cleaning companies? 
The best advice is to know or to have a general idea of what it is that you’re looking for. This answer might surprise you, but not all cleaning companies are structured the same and this could save you a bit of time when making your decision. 
Here are somethings to think about: do you want to be on a contract, do you want to have the same cleaners every time, what are you wanting cleaned, what products are you okay with, are they insured and/or bonded, contractors versus employees, what frequency do you want, do you want over the phone customer service or an online client portal, refund and cancelation policies, and what is your ideal budget?
Knowing the answer to some of these questions can help you rule out some companies easily with information that is on their website or when you contact them over the phone. Then once you have identified the few companies that are in accordance with what you need, you should then look at their website and any reviews that might be posted to help make your decision. 
Why Dream Clean
Every company will boast how great they are, and sometimes they even tell you why that is. We prefer to tell you not only what separates us from other companies but what we offer you, and then stand on our reputation. 
1) Over-The-Phone & Online Estimates Vs. In Person Bids.
We’ve always been proud to be a local innovator in this industry! We were the first in the area to truly offer over-the-phone and online estimates. A lot of companies claim this and then give you an hourly rate, but that’s not what we do. 
With a few pieces of information you can get an over-the-phone or online, no obligation, estimate within minutes to have an idea if we’re a good fit for your needs. Our calculator has been refined over the years and is incredibly accurate when provided the correct information. 
The biggest thing that can cause a difference between the estimate and the final price is the condition of the home with that initial clean. To help with this, we created our Rating’s Guide which you can view on our website. 
Not only does this help with transparency, as you can see how we evaluate homes, which helps you to identify the condition when booking with us, but it also helps us to know how many people to send. This is important as there are many bookings throughout the day and we want to ensure that all jobs get the amount of attention that they need. 
Most importantly, no one likes to get the surprise of a higher bill and so we do everything we can to try to prevent this. Since implementing this guide we see very few adjustments to estimates that are given out. So if you’re considering booking with us please look that over and if still unsure how to rate your home, give our office a call and they can advise you. 
2) One Time & Recurring Cleanings.
We understand that it can still be worrisome when trying out a new company, especially when you’re looking for recurring services. This is why we offer one time cleanings with no commitment or obligation. You can try us out and then if you like our services you can sign up for whatever frequency you need: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or every 8 weeks.
While our one time cleanings are not discounted, all but the every 8 weeks are. This is because the home or office will be maintained, and we just ask that you stay with us for the next 6 scheduled cleanings. We even offer the ability to get one time deep cleans, as you need, with or without recurring services. 
3) Flexibility & Customization.
One of the best things about our company is how understanding and flexible we are to meet your needs. Not only do we allow you to pick what areas you do or don’t need cleaned like bedrooms, bathrooms or certain common areas but we also allow you to customize your extras. 
Not all clients are in need of a deep clean, but we allow you to pull some of the most desired items off of that checklist and add them to your one time and recurring basic cleans. 
This is great for those who don’t need everything that comes with a deep clean and can save you some money by only getting what you need. We also make certain accommodations and so if there’s something you want that you don’t see, just give our office a call and we’ll let you know if it’s possible. 
In addition to that, we also have over-the-phone customer service that is based in the United States, and so you can call to talk to have any questions or concerns answered. We also have an online client portal where you can do everything: move a cleaning, change frequency, add a deep clean, select extras for your scheduled cleaning, add a tip, add a door code, etc. We try to make it as easy as possible to do business with us. 
4) Trained & Insured.
Our model is different from some of the other cleaning companies, in that we rotate our staff. While some clients prefer to have the same cleaner every time, we’ve found that it works out better for everyone to rotate. 
Not only does this shake up the routine, to help energize the crew by seeing new homes and other staff members, but it also helps to give good work/life balance while maintaining our commitments. 
From time to time staff will have vacation and sick days, and we wouldn’t want that to impact client schedules. And since we’ve modeled our company this way, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy to ensure that all staff receive the same training to be able to deliver the same quality clean no matter who is assigned to your home or office. 
During COVID we took that opportunity to invest in our business and hired a local production company to film and create training videos that we still use today. This is in conjunction with the in person training that they receive, and is why we’re able to deliver consistent quality cleans amongst all our crew. 
We also offer our staff competitive pay with benefits like health insurance and 401k retirement plans, as we feel that if we take care of them that they in turn will take care of you. All of our employees have to pass a background check and we are licensed, insured, and bonded. That way you can trust who is in your home or office. 
If there was something that didn’t get answered here or on the we

We’ve also put our no-hassle pricing calculator online so you can get an estimate within minutes to see if we’re in line with what you’re looking to spend. Moving is already hard enough, and the last thing anyone wants to do on top of that is cleaning. Let us take one thing off of your plate!

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