Are You Renting and Moving Out?

Move Out Cleaning - Rental

Are you a renter that’s looking for a cleaning company to assist you with the move-out cleaning for your rental? If so there are some things to consider.

Every cleaning company is structured differently, which may or may not work out for what is required by your property management company. We’ve based our company around cleaning packages, and allow some flexibility, which you can view here:

Before booking with any cleaning company, it would be worth it to consult your property management to see if they have a cleaning checklist or specific items that they require to be cleaned and or replaced.

Some examples that we’ve encountered are: changing smoke alarm batteries, changing air filters, cleaning out clogged shower drains, cleaning behind ovens/refrigerators & washers and dryers, carpet cleaning (we only vacuum), cleaning outside windows (we do inside only, as an extra add-on), sweep the front porch, change lightbulbs, etc.

Most of those items are not a part of the services that we offer, and so the last thing we want would be for you to encounter any troubles with your property management company, especially after paying for our services.

To make it easy, we’ve made our checklist available online to make sure that we are a good fit for your needs, and to see what cleaning package you will need. Here’s the link for our checklists:

In most cases, you’ll probably need a move-out cleaning, which is nearly a top to bottom clean throughout the home. If you really don’t need things like spot-checking walls, doors, doorjambs, light fixtures, ceiling fans, baseboards* or front of cabinets* then the Basic Cleaning might be better for you. You can also add some of the move-out cleaning items to a Basic Clean if that works more for your budget. If you’re unsure of what package might be best for you, don’t hesitate to give our office a call!

We’ve also put our no-hassle pricing calculator online so you can get an estimate within minutes to see if we’re in line with what you’re looking to spend. Moving is already hard enough, and the last thing anyone wants to do on top of that is cleaning. Let us take one thing off of your plate!

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