What Happens If You Go On Vacation

Lab dogs - Boise Idaho

What happens if you leave for vacation during one of your recurring cleanings?

Lately we’ve seen an influx of last minute cancellations due to an upcoming vacation,  but if at all possible we need at least 72 business hours to avoid a fee.
During the onset of COVID we had to implement a permanent cancellation policy. The reason for this was because we discovered that people would use our availability, as a place holder,  while rate shopping.  Then sometimes would cancel the cleaning last minute.
This causes a significant challenge in being able to rebook a spot that was held if cancelled inside that 72 window. The fee goes directly to the crew who depend on the hours to cover their bills.
How can this situation be avoided? We know most people don’t think about any impacts that travel plans may have on their routine cleaning service,  but if it does come to mind double check the dates and let us know.
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We’re more than happy to find a replacement day for you or you can even log in online and make the change via your client portal.
If you’d like your home to be cleaned during your vacation time you don’t need to worry about anything! Just enjoy your trip and we got the rest.
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Some important things to think about: how does the team normally get into your home? If you’ve always let them in,  that’ll be problematic while you’re gone.
You could call the office and update the access method to a garage or door code.  Or perhaps you’ve left a hidden key for the team to use.
If you want someone to meet the team there that’s fine, but we have arrival windows for cleanings starting after nine which are: 11-1, 1-3, sometimes 2-4 and 3-5. If the person is not able to be there for that entire arrival window we’d need to look at another option.  The crew doesn’t have access to client phone numbers and so we don’t call ahead prior to arrivals.
Another consideration are the pets. We have clients who have a cat or dog door inserts and so the animals are left behind while the owners are traveling.  Our staff will usually shut doors behind themselves,  after finishing rooms,  which might be bad if there’s an animal hiding under a bed. If for any reason you don’t want doors shut during this time,  or at all, you can leave a sticky note on it or call the office.
Lab dogs - Boise Idaho
Two labradors sitting on a spring meadow in Boise Idaho
If you intend to leave a cash tip behind,  while you’re away, for the crew… please leave a note that indicates as much! Otherwise the crew has been instructed not to touch it. You can always add credit card tips to your client portal as well.
Contact information and payment updates.  It’s always good to make sure we have the most update information on your profile,  especially contact information.  Should a problem arise, like a busted pipe,  while the crew is there they’ll let the office know to inform you.  Believe it or not this has actually happened, and it would be terrible if we couldn’t get ahold of you.
Additionally,  it’s good to double check card expiration dates or to add new cards if you had a loss or fraud.  We verify funds the night before and if we’re unable to get ahold of you that might result in pausing services.
We understand with spring and summer right around the corner that everyone is excited to get out. Which is very exciting! We just don’t want to have to disturb your time with some of these preventable events.

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