Property Managers – Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Dream Clean?

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the best residential and commercial cleaning companies in the valley!  
This is something that most companies say, so how do we support that claim for ourselves and differentiate us from the other companies in the area? Reviews can be a good place to start, to get a feel for a company, and we encourage everyone to take a look at ours on Google, which you can find on this link: Google Reviews
However, that still doesn’t give you a complete picture because almost every company has these now and they don’t guarantee outcomes. You could also look to see if the company has gotten any independent awards or accolades, which you can find ours here:
Awesome! After all of that due diligence, you are probably feeling pretty good about moving forward with this company for your needs…but are they a good fit for them? While an established history in the community is important, as are reviews, that doesn’t tell the whole story as to why you should book with a specific company. 
Every cleaning company is structured differently and there are a lot of options, just as there are varying needs for each property management company, so we’ve compiled a Pros and Cons list for your consideration:

Why You Should Choose Dream Clean?

  • Online estimate tool, to get a quote in minutes!
  • Detailed checklists of our cleaning packages, to know exactly what you’re getting prior to booking. 
  • Ability to customize between packages.
  • Availability calendar posted on the website, to check dates [can also call our office, if the date is not listed, to see options].
  • Trained staff to get consistent cleans, no matter what crew comes to your job. 
  • Can book online or over the phone, with USA-based customer service. 
  • Peace of mind knowing that we’ll show up, as we’ve never canceled a job. 
  • 24-hour guarantee.

Why We’re Not a Good Fit For You

  • We are a cleaning package company, and therefore don’t allow total customization of our cleaning services. Take a look at our checklists to make sure we have a package that’ll meet your needs.
  • No standard set pricing for multi-unit complexes or large management companies. Our price is determined by several different factors: square feet, bedrooms/bathrooms, bonus areas, extras, and overall condition. This is why we’ll need all of the information for each unit, home, or office. You can, however, quickly put this information in our online estimate tool to get an idea or call our office once you have all of the details. 
  • Price can change depending on the condition of the home if rated below 5 [average]. There is a minimum $120.00 charge, added to the estimate, per rating lower. We do have a Rating Guide on a website to help you identify the condition of the home or office before booking. 
  • Price. We understand that we’re not the cheapest in the valley and that only so much can be spent to get a unit, home, or office ready for a new tenant. This is why we’ve made our no-hassle estimate tool online so that prospective clients can get a quote before booking, and see if we’re within your budget. Do know that you can take off bedrooms/bathrooms and customize between packages to not only get what you want but also for the price you need. Feel free to call our office for assistance. 

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