Move Out Cleans? Yes We Do Them!

Moving is stressful enough. After you’ve finished packing up all of your heavy boxes and loading them into your moving truck do you really want to come back in and do all of that heavy duty cleaning? Or did the previous owners leave their home a mess before moving out? Let Dream Clean make your move out experience less stressful by allowing us to handle all of the dirty stuff!

What Is a Move Out Clean?

A move out clean happens when you are getting a house ready for sale or if you are unlucky you will get to do a move in cleaning when the owners leave your new house a mess after they’ve left. Either way this is what is known as a deep clean – literally working your way through the entire home (or condo, townhouse, apartment, etc) and cleaning everything in sight. The great thing about these types of cleans is that you know you can get to every surface imaginable as there isn’t any furniture to get in the way!

What’s Your Process For Cleaning An Entire Home?

How is it possible to clean an entire house without actually missing something!?

Great Question! We start by working our way around the entire home in the most circular way possible. This allows us to make sure that each area is tackled one at a time and we aren’t jumping back and forth between rooms which can causes spaces to get even more dirty. Right along with working in a circular fashion – we also work from top to bottom. For example, if we are cleaning cabinets (which we often do) we start at the top of the cabinets and work our way down. This allows for the dust and debris to fall onto the floor or the counter and we can continue to clean downward until all of the mess is completely taken care of. If we walk into a room and start with the light fixtures then we know that the dust from the light will fall to the floor thus making sure by the time we get down there everything will be easy for us to clean up.

Walk Me Through Cleaning a Bathroom

Still not convinced? Let’s walk through a typical bathroom clean! Remembering, top to bottom – We would start with the light fixtures and/or exhaust fans (if of course the ceiling needed to be wiped down we would do that too). While we are on the subject of the exhaust fan, we will take a vacuum and with a vacuum brush attachment we will give it a quick vacuum to make sure that all of dust and debris is out of there.
Move Out Clean
Next would be the mirror. By wiping from the top of the mirror down to the bottom we know that any of that dust will drop down for us to get. Pretty simple right?

The next item on the bathroom list would be the sink. By taking a heavy duty cleaner to the sink we can get that sink as clean as it was when it was new! If you’d like we can also clean out the drain for you as well as long as there isn’t anything lodged in there that would require a plumber to take care of. If there is any mold or mildew on the sink itself we will treat that with the proper cleaning products to take care of any of those issues.

The cabinets / cupboards are up next (assuming they are under the sink). We will spray the interior of the cabinets (starting from the top of course) and letting that sit for about 5 minutes or so. Once the cleaner has done it’s thing we will give it a good wipe and move on to most people’s least favorite part…the tub and toilet!

When it comes to the toilet we start simply by spraying with our preferred bathroom cleaner from the tank down to the toilet bowl area. Starting with a tile cleaner we can spray down the toilet and tub and let it sit. We will also be sure to get the toilet bowl nice and sparkeling clean. Once that’s complete we can rinse both really well and make sure everything is free of that gross soap scum.
Move Out Clean Toilet
Hopefully this give you an idea of how thorough we are as a company and how important getting things clean is for us.

How Do I Book A Move Out Clean?

Booking a move out clean couldn’t be easier! Simply head on over to our bookings page or CLICK HERE to book now.