7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

When it comes to hiring a cleaning service it can be a daunting and unpleasant task – we at Dream Clean wanted to make this process just a bit easier for you.  Here is a list of top 7 questions that you should ask when hiring someone new in Boise to clean your home or business.

1. What Does Your Cleaning Service Process Look Like and Is There a Standard?

Having a cleaning process set in place is incredibly important for cleaning consistency.  You expect, and rightfully so, the same level of service each and every time a company cleans your home – regardless of who is actually doing the cleaning.  At Dream Clean we take great pride in our processes and make sure that our checklists are followed to the smallest detail to make sure that every one of our clients is taken care of with the same great service.

2. Are Your Workers Contract or Employees

This is one of the most important questions to ask.  The difference between a contract worker and an employee is that a contract employee is someone who is hired on a house by house basis and is paid only for the job.  The company doesn’t care about the welfare of this employee, pays no health insurance, and is only concerned about the next job.  Employees on the other hand are just that; employees.  These are people that work directly for the employer, have a relationship with that employer that they are responsible for.  You will also see consistent faces with employees and build the trust that makes you feel comfortable when you have other people cleaning your home.

3. Are Your Employees / Workers Bonded and Insured?

Accidents happen.  What happens if someone breaks something in your home?  Who pays for this breakage?  By making sure that your new cleaning company is bonded and insured that means that if / when something happens that the company is responsible for taking care and making it right with the client.
While it is extremely rare that anything catastrophic happens, it allows for peace of mind to know that your home and it’s possessions are protected.

4. Referrals and References From Clients

Be sure to ask for referrals from other cleaning clients.  Any reputable cleaning company would be more than happy to give you the information of several of their satisfied clients.

Sometimes you’ll even get lucky and have a great client leave a fantastic video review that you can share with anyone!

5. What Cleaning Supplies Does Your Company Use

Do you or does someone in your family have highly sensitive skin?  Is the company that you are looking to hire willing to work with you on the types of cleaning products that they are using?  This can be a deal breaker and it’s important to understand the type of company you are working with.  If the cleaning products aren’t an issue for you it is still important to know if the cleaning company that you’re considering is using high quality products.

6. How Long Have You Been In Business?

Knowing how long the company has been in business is important in knowing that you aren’t hiring a company that is here today and gone tomorrow.  In the Boise area with all of the new people coming in from around the country it is important to make sure that you are hiring a company with a great reputation and a cleaning company that is here to stay.  Obviously you don’t want to leave your house and your things to just anyone.

7. Are your Workers / Employees Background Checked?

Knowing if a company takes the time and cares enough to background their employees is something that will offer you the piece of mind that you’ll need when having people cleaning around your personal items in your home.  This is something at Dream Clean that we take very seriously and no employee works for us unless they pass their background check.

*BONUS* Google Reviews

This really isn’t much of a question but doing your due diligence and research is pivotal when trying to find your next home cleaning company.  While you need to take things like Google and Yelp reviews with a grain of salt it is important to look at the average score.  As you know there will always be people that no matter what you do they will never be happy, however the majority of people leave reviews that are helpful and offer a great insight into their experience with the company you are looking to hire.

Hopefully these tips will help you out during your next cleaning search and if you want to hire the best company in Boise look no further than Dream Clean Home Cleaning!

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